Our mission

CS Plastics was founded in 2008 by Werner Vanderveken and Jurgen Lippens. Formerly they were colleagues for years at IPM , the autonomous representation of Engel injection molding machines in the Belgian and Luxembourg markets. With the reorganization of Engel to a Benelux office in Houten, the Netherlands, they took the initiative to concentrate on "peripheral", ie the full technical design of plastics processing companies, except for the plasticizing machine. From this moment CS Plastics has been a valued and trusted partner of several suppliers of injection molding machines, extruders, thermoforming and blow molding machines.

CS Plastics specializes in the complete trajectory of raw materials in your company. Ranging from unloading and buffering to the transport towards the processing machines. We can also provide solutions for drying and crystallising, dosing and coloring. This for granulates, regrind, flakes and powders.

We support your production with mold maintenance and cleaning products, the most energy-efficient refrigeration and temperature control for molds and cylinders. The finished products are extracted by acquisition heads for which we provide the complete transport and buffer systems. Recycling is applied where appropriate.

We hope that through our new website you get a clear picture of our capabilities.

A « complete solution » for us is handing you the solution that provides you with a competitive advantage in this competitive world!


The CS Plastics team