How can I identify my End Of Arm Tool

How It works:

  • All kinds of data can be stored in a small module (RBQC) mounted on the End Of Arm Tool
  • This data can be read:
  • Via an App on a mobile device
  • Through The robot via a module placed on the robot arm (RBQC)



  • Operator and robot can identify the End Of Arm Tool and prevent it from being used on the wrong mould or robot
  • The number of cycles can be recorded and linked to a preventive maintenance report
  • Technical information stored on the End Of Arm Tool (weight, dimensions, mass-inertial moment) provide information about the employability
  • A list of components and spare parts stored on the End Of Arm Tool avoid research in case of overhaul or repair
  • Backup this information in the cloud
  • Through the Gimatic Web Service, you can monitor globally in which plant or at which  sub-contractor each End Of Arm Tool is in and how it is used and maintained



Check Out the video and contact us for a demonstration