Dryer for EP/PP regrind material


Gravimetric batch mixer

Industry: extrusion

Mixing silos with vertical screw of 160 m³

Industry: recycling

Air-cooled chiller in outdoor installation

Industry: injection molding

Crystallizer, dryer and raw material transport for BCF extrusion line

Customized automatic bag cutting machine

Industry: extrusion fibres and strapping

Central raw material supply with different materials

Industry: construction

Central cooling with frequency controlled pumps

Industry: pvc

CMG TRM1500 single shaft shredder

Industry: injection molding packaging

Piovan Q50 batchblender on injectionmolding machine + Piovan Easy3 control system.

Blowmolding: Dosing - Discharge top and tails - Grinding.

Gamma Meccanica GM125 Compac extrusion Line. Available Oktober 2022. Sold!

Debagging machine

220 cbm Silo's for storage of granulate / agglomerate / re-granulate.

New high performance chiller Energy class A for injection molding application.

Dedusting of thin-walled grind

Existing mill at Plastuni Operations

State of the art PET technology

Logoplaste in Elst

Conveyor belts line for plastic crates

Schoeller Allibert

Indoor silos for homogenization of plastics

Raff Plastics

Recycling of cables

Protected workshops Limburg (BEWEL)

Cooling for process water and oil cooling

Recycling sector