Cost effective drying of plastics


There is a “best” choice for every consumption, from small to large.


In daily practice, we find that the energy costs for drying plastics differ enormously between companies. For an average technical plastic, the energy consumption varies between 160 W / kg and 50 W / kg. Calculated at a cost of 0.11 euros / kWh, this amounts to an energy cost that varies between 17.6 and 5.5 euros per ton of raw material.

This means that many companies can save between 10,000 and 100,000 euros annually on drying plastics. This is due to the correct choice of dryers and associated procedures.


Dryers are often sized for a “worst case scenario” but are faced with fluctuating consumption where operators do not have the ability to constantly adjust the drying parameters of the dryer. The use of different raw materials, each with its own ideal drying time, air flow per kg, drying temperature does not make it easier.


The ideal solution, with an optimal ROI (Return On Investment), depends on the consumption, number and type of plastics. There is a “best” choice for every consumption, from small to large.

However, the higher the use of dried raw materials, the more attention must be paid to technology that saves energy and ensures that the dryer adapts better and automatically to fluctuating production.