CS Plastics celebrates 15th anniversary


On February 14, CS Plastics turns 15 years old. What started as a company with 3 people grew into an extensive team, focused on technical support. A nice evolution. And CS Plastics' jubilee year will also be one with some great novelties.

“It all started 15 years ago in Grembergen. Then the 3 of us rented a space at 1 of our homes. Afterwards we rented another garage a little further on”, begins Werner Vanderveken of CS Plastics. “We started with a few people with a focus on injection molding peripherals.”

“In the meantime, we have grown into a team of 15 people with a broad perspective and a strong presence in all sectors of plastics processing. In addition to peripheral equipment, recycling and cooling have also been developed into additional fully-fledged pillars of CS Plastics. We gradually exchanged the small space and the garage for our current building in Lokeren.”

Showroom and technicum

In this special year, CS Plastics will open an additional building in Lokeren, equipped with a showroom. With this, the company wants to meet the increasing demand for immediately available devices for rental or sale. “Our current range of devices in stock will therefore expand significantly. They will include a range of equipment for plastics processing, recycling and refrigeration", it sounds.

In addition, CS Plastics will open a technical center in the new building. There they will be able to carry out various tests together with customers from the Benelux. “From granulating customer products, transporting specific raw materials or products via vacuum or blowing transport to drying tests, dedusting and separating raw materials and products.” In the technicum, CS Plastics will also provide training for maintenance technicians and users of their equipment.

The necessary space will therefore be freed up in the current warehouse to prepare projects that are planned. It also creates space for a more extensive range of piping for vacuum transport, blowing transport, suction and cooling.

Solid partner

The showroom and technicum show the long-term planning of CS Plastics. After all, it wants to continue to grow into a solid partner and leading supplier. They do this on the basis of three pillars:

  • peripherals
  • recycling
  • cooling (in, from and for plastics)

In general, CS Plastics wants to help its customers make the right choices. It is no coincidence that the CS in CS Plastics stands for Complete Solutions. “For us, a complete solution is that solution that offers you the competitive advantage in a competitive world,” it sounds.

In this context, CS Plastics is always looking for enthusiastic employees with a passion for technology and plastics, for various positions in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Thank you

CS Plastics would like to take advantage of its birthday to thank all our customers. Thanks to their trust, we can continue to write this story.