Automatic sack emptying

Technical information


Bagged goods are widely used in our industry. It provides the ability to store different types of resources in a clean and dry manner and process. However, opening and emptying of these bags requires effort and time of the operator. In this solution sack emptying containers with a supporting grid at an ergonomic height are used. This can possibly be supported by a vacuum  lifter to cope with the heavy weights.


At high consumption rates of the same material it can be interesting to automate this process. In this station a complete pallet is placed in the machine  after which all bags are automatically emptied, the empty packings are collected and the bagged goods are passed on or blown to a container or silo.


Pallets up to 12 layers of 5 bags each can be handled without problem through the machine. This has a capacity of up to 800 bags or 20 tons per hour!


This sack emptying or cutting machine can also be used in various other industries. Particularly in the livestock food sector and the grain sector, horticulture, fuel industry, construction, food industry and various stevedoring companies.